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Rome Science Festival

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Until April 23, the 18th edition dedicated to the “imaginary”

Perceptions to explore, build, develop and craft different experiences, methods and systems to dialogue with each other. Here is the focus of the 2023 Rome Science Festival.
With the power of imagination, we visualize works of art, new technologies, or, simply put, solutions to our everyday problems.
Even science finds imagination a powerful ally in starting research, formulating hypotheses, interpreting data, and striving for better results.

Among the festival’s many events are appointments with Earth Sciences at INGV:

From Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 April 2023 | From 12:00 to 17:00 | Hanging Gardens Claudio Abbado

Fairy tales and nursery rhymes for the land

(Edited by INGV, in collaboration with Studio Bottoni)

Francesca Sata Flores – Director
Lara Panesi, Valentina Greco and Paolo Meli – actors
Jaya Butoni – Production and Sound

Our planet is rich in geophysical phenomena, often associated with risks to humans: among them earthquakes and volcanoes are particularly important examples because they allow us to study and understand the internal structure of the Earth, its history and evolution. These phenomena are often found in tales of folk lore. The theatrical adaptation by Francesca Satta-Flores, by Ile Flottante, evolves around modern nursery rhymes and traditional myths of different cultures to narrate, in stunning and playful language, humanity’s relationship with our planet and the scientific knowledge it has developed over the centuries.


12:00 Turtles and earthquakes
3.00 pm “Ladies of the Earth”
17:00 VVV volatile volcanoes for sale

Sunday, April 23, 2023 | 5 m | Guests room
The thousand faces of disaster

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Carlo Doglioni – President of INGV
Luca Guerrieri – ISPRA Geologist, Technology Director
Mona Santini – Chair of the Division of Impacts on Terrestrial Ecosystems CMCC
Deodato Tapete – Researcher in ASI’s Downstream and Application Services unit
It is moderated by Francesca Buoninconte – science journalist and author

We often talk about disasters, we see them on the news and in the movies, we are afraid of them and we try to avoid them.

But what are disasters? How many forms can they take?

Some are immediate and devastating, such as fires or earthquakes, and others occur over longer periods of time with less obvious short-term effects, such as climate change or mass extinction.

Recognizing disasters is the first essential step in being able to imagine how to deal with them.

Sunday, April 23, 2023 | 5:30 PM | Pragna Studio Theatre
From the mine to the stars

(Edited by GARR, INFN, and INGV)
Massimo Carboni – Deputy Director and Chief Technical Director of GARR
Viviana Fafone – INFN Director for Advanced Virgo Detector
Giulio Selvaggi – INGV Research Director
It is run by journalist Roberta Folci and presenter of RAI Radio3 Scienza

Listening to the Universe from Under the Earth: This is the purpose of the Einstein Telescope (ET), a future underground detector of gravitational waves that will allow us to expand our knowledge of the universe.

For a large research infrastructure of this magnitude, different skills work in synergy, from physics, to seismology, to high-performance network connectivity, which makes the candidate site, a mine in the heart of Sardinia, the ideal location for an observatory, and also contributes to the development of the region that hosts it.

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