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Roman Polo from Casalmaggiore the protagonist in Bergamo Senza

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Students of science class 4A at the Instituto Roma will attend as speakers in Bergamo Scienza in the week of October 10-14 with the project “Life on Mars 2.0”.

The model representing a hypothetical human settlement on Mars, which has also been revisited thanks to the contribution of the Aeronautical Society of Casalmaggiore, will be the subject of a series of student-led conferences led by teachers who have believed in this project from the start: Prof. Cominetti and Brighenti for the scientific field, Professor Arigò for the linguistic field, A. Perdomini, Agosti and Marinoni for the technical field with the support of students of grades 3-4 electrical operators. In addition to the technical and scientific aspects inherent in the exploration of other planets, the conference develops issues of a social, cultural, political and economic nature associated with the colonization of another planet.

Conferences will be held some distance from the Institute’s headquarters. There are 3 sessions per day from 8.30 to 9.30, from 10.00 to 11.00 and from 11.30 to 12.30. A maximum of 90 students can connect to each session.

Everything is ready to start, the already registered classes (which currently number 36) belong to schools all over Lombardy. Therefore, the first session will be held on Monday 10-10-2022 regarding through the Institute’s meeting platform. Pupils of the connected class, in addition to following the presentation of the students of the fourth grade of the scientific secondary school, will be able to interact directly by activating the model (rocket launch, train track, etc.) from a distance.

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