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Roller Hockey defeated Scandiano 7-2 in Briganze

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Photo by Alberto Bertolani A shot from last season’s race with Bossani

Scandiano loses 7-2 in the first match of the quarter-finals in Briganze and further complicates the continuation in the Coppa Italia. In six days at PalaRegnani, if Scandiano wants to go to the semi-finals, they will have to beat the Rossoneri by six goals.

A race that saw Scandiano come out well to the track in the PalaFerrarin, setting the pace and also taking the lead with Deinite from Viareggio. A good plot from Roca is saved by the opposing goalkeeper and in tow comes Deinite carrying the bags. Berganzi is fast but unproductive and the best deals are all from the Rossoblu brand. Breganze focuses on Torres’ attack and Vecchi is present on every save. Two urgent actions by the Vicenza players lead to two goals in a few seconds, first Toure with a long shot after a clash in the area and then Bataglin beats Vicki who responds short to Torres’ movement. The Skandian reaction was quick to maneuver, and with an offensive move a direct shot also comes in for Deinite’s knockdown. However, the Galician Rocca hit the post. The third goal comes from a lack of interest in the defense, which the owners took advantage of well, and the winner was declared by Della Valle with the defense revealed. Deinite was sent off for a hook on the railing and Argentine Torres made it 4-1 with a direct shot. In the final, Scandiano was awarded a penalty kick for Ehime’s knockdown as Niccolo Bossani was ready to score the second goal.

Breganze got off to a better start in the second half with nice personal actions from Dalla Valle who rounded the defense as he made Tabin comfortable for a 5-2 lead. Dalla Vale scored again in personal action, still unhindered as he collected the winning eulogy 6-2. Agostini was also top scorer with a quick shot from the edge of the area. Targets arriving in succession that weigh down Emilian’s maneuver as the minutes go by. The match ends with a score of 7-2 and as the Cupist team is called to do a big job next Saturday at PalaRegnani, above all making up for a “no” evening especially in the second half.

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These are Cupisti’s words to Breganze’s microphones: “We interpreted the first 10 minutes very well but I have to congratulate Breganze for interpreting the whole match very well. At one point we played individually rather than as a team. We know we have to work hard if we want to honor the championship from the start.” January “

Vinitalab Briganze – Scandinavian roller hockey = 7-2 (4-2, 3-0)

VenetaLab Breganze: Zen, Dal Santo (C), Volpe, Torres, Dalla Valle – Battaglin, Agostini, Costenaro C, Tagliapietra, Zanfi – All. Perea

Scandiano: Vicky (midfield), Stefani, Rocca, Ehime, Dennett-Bosani, Uva, Barbieri, Vacari D, Damon – all.

Scorers: 1st: 9’50” Dennett (junior), 17’13” Torres (m), 18’14” Agostini (m), 21’40” Dalla Valle (m), 21’52” Torres (tir.dir )) (B), 24’04” Bosani (Rig) (S) – 2hrs: 1’41” Dalla Valle (B), 6’33” Dalla Valle (B), 13’53” Agostini (B)

Package: 1 hour: 21’52” Denity (2′) (H)

Referee: Matteo Firmi (Piacenza).

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