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Roberto Benigni, farewell to the actor “Johnny Stequino”: the message is full of pain

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The news of the death of actor Johnny Steccino had a huge impact on Roberto Benigni: the Tuscan actor’s gesture warms the heart.

On October 27, the whole world of cinema celebrated 70 years of Roberto Benigni, an extraordinary actor and director who managed to abandon high-profile cinematic works. The protagonist of the comedy manages to bring out his best in even the most dramatic parts, as in the case of Life is beautifula 1997 masterpiece awarded with three Oscars, eight David Di Donatello, five Nastrae d’Argento and many other awards in Italy and abroad.

Roberto Benigni web source

Among the many films that have allowed Roberto Benigni to gain applause and praise, there is certainly Johnny Steccino, in which the famous Tuscan actor He divides himself between a gullible Dante and a ruthless Mafia bossnow repentant, who is trying to avoid a death sentence by the mafia by exploiting the total likeness of a school bus driver for children with disabilities.

Farewell to Alessandro de Santis, Lilo so sweet to Johnny Steccino

In the cast of Johnny Stecino, there is also Nicoletta Brasci, Roberto Benigni’s life partner, who plays Maria, the woman of a mafia boss who will eventually choose to betray Johnny Stequino and save Dante. But no one can forget the very sweet Lilothe disabled boy who appears in the last scene of the movie on the street after Dante invites him to take cocaine, convinced it is just a drug against diabetes.

Roberto Benigni Alessandro De Santis
Roberto Benigni and Alessandro de Santis web source

Only last August Alessandro de SantisThe Down Syndrome actor who played Lilo has passed away. The news was reported by the De Santis family, Died at the age of fifty. The funeral was held on August 4 in the Basilica of San Frumenzio in Rome.

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The actor’s family also announced that Roberto Benigni, who was informed of the death of Alessandro De Santis, has decided to send condolence letter For family members to greet their friend and colleague.

Lilo Benigni family thanks ‘We are so touched’

We also received a letter of condolence from Roberto Benigni and he impressed us very much.”The family of the missing and obvious actor said Didn’t expect such a gesture by a Tuscan representative.

Alessandro De Santis, after his audition in Johnny Stequino, also appeared in another feature film, children of his lifereleased in 2011.

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