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Rivoli, the police collaborates with Cisl to create a listening space for women victims of violence – Torino Oggi

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Tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday 7 March, from 5.00 pm, at Corso Francia 119 in Rivoli, the project aimed at training the representatives of the trade unions of CISL will be presented by the police operators of the Commissariat of Rivoli, in order to allow the creation of a space for listening and assistance, dedicated For male and female workers, in matters of domestic violence or gender-based violence.

To this end, the State Police complied with the request for cooperation, which was received from the CISL trade union body, not only by making the knowledge gained over years of working in this field available to the community as a common factor, but also by clarifying what possible paths it could take. A victim of gender-based violence to get out of the cycle of violence.

After these training meetings with the police operators, the union staff responsible for listening to the citizen will have the tools to intercept any situations of discomfort, for male or female workers, arising from situations characterized by domestic violence or in general. Able to properly support pathways out of difficulties, as well as avoid job abandonment.

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