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Rittal RiMatrix, high levels of protection in a small space

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To respond effectively to the digital transformation that is reaching more and more areas in daily life and in industry, Rittal new feet RiMatrix micro data center.

These are compact data center structures complete with all the key elements of an OT system, such as racking, power, cooling, monitoring and security, and are able to ensure high levels of protection in a small footprint. In addition to being used as high-end data centers in harsh environments, they can also provide complete IT infrastructure for departments and supermarkets, without major structural changes. RiMatrix Micro Data Centers can also back up data in locations that require a high level of physical protection.

Rittal RiMatrix: Uniform, adaptable and climate friendly

The new Rittal Micro Data Centers are pre-configured for different performance and application classes, with viability checks for custom applications. It is available all over the world and fast. This saves time, speeds up setup, and reduces energy consumption.

Rittal has also developed a configuration tool that enables its IT partners to choose the most suitable data center for their customers. This online tool allows you to check feasibility, ensures an error-free ordering process and reduces pick, delivery and commissioning times

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