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Rise of Canada: The goal for the 2022 World Cup and the 2026 take place

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Qatar is approaching the World Cup, now a year apart. The tournament, set for the Middle East, will be the first tournament to be held in the fall, before returning in the summer of 2026. In this edition, in fact, the competition is between the United States, Mexico and a Canada Rising fast.

The 2026 World Cup will be an opportunity for North-Central American teams to make history: Mexico, Canada and the United States have not yet won or won a World Cup, but the possibility of hosting the tournament pushes everyone. Forward, beyond their old limits.

Third, Mexico is certainly the most experienced team, while the United States has grown exponentially in terms of media interest over the past twenty years, but has continued to decline during periods of suspension. Canada has no football history so far, only qualifying for the World Cup in 1986 and being eliminated in the first round. But, now the movement is growing.

Not only the possibility of playing in the 2026 World Cup, but also the qualifying round for 2022, and the smiles on the boys of John Hertman, who has been coaching the men’s team since 2018. Years.

Speaking of women’s selection, Canada has won gold after two consecutive bronze medals at the Olympics, a sign of how the entire football world is now highly regarded for the boundless possibilities that the federation so trusts.

Hertmann has changed the face of the representative, and it is self-confident and never defeated in the beginning. But the cornerstone of an active place in the North American panorama came thanks to a few comrades who, decades later, regard football as a real sports shop, and his majestic hockey and apparently not a small hobby behind lacrosse.

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The star of Canada is undoubtedly Alfonso Davis, Bayern Munich winger who continues to amaze with speed and quality with his Bavarian shirt.

But pay attention Jonathan David, The 21-year-old has already scored 18 goals for the national team. In just 23 races. In France he is currently leading the score with 8 centers, ahead of Mbabane, Neymar and the big names of the tournament.

Only half of the components play in MLS, and most are selected by looking at the old continent. The experience of Canadian players who have not had the opportunity to play in the World Cup will be useful in supporting the shining stars in Europe, but at the same time stand alone. Fly.

Having easily passed the second qualifying round for the World Cup against Haiti, Canada is now firmly in the first positions of the team leading to the tournament in Qatar, face-to-face with Mexico and the United States, the latter decided to recover from non-participation. Russia 2018.

Two World Cups in a row after only one century? Autumn will be decisive, but the way is open for the present and the future.

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