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Rimini Calcio, equal insult to Progreso (0-0): Mencali’s ghost goal was not seen by the referee.

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Rimini came out with a 0-0 draw from the field of progress, a result that allowed red and white to remain at the top at +3 over Ravenna, victorious with Correggese, but it leaves thousands of charges. It suffices to mention the large number of goals created that were not achieved or thwarted by goalkeeper Celeste; But what is controversial is a ghost target that the referee and goalkeeper did not see at the age of 85, when Celeste across the finish line rejected Abram Mincali, who sent him a cross from Ferrara. Mocking Red and White, who still demanded a penalty did not whistle in the 66th minute to block Mencali. Doubts were also in the Rimini region due to Haveri’s error on Demory in the 44th minute, but undoubtedly the referee’s mistakes against the Gaboro children weighed. Two crucial endorsements from Celeste on Mincagli, at 33′ and 72′. Among the most tempting occasions, Ferrara happened in the 67th minute, touching the lower side of a cross from Haveri. Instead, Marietta goes out of the match with clean gloves: Rimini constantly held the ball in his hand, literally blocking the opponent’s goal.

Progress – Rimini 0-0

Leading (4-2-3-1): Celeste – Mille, Cocci, Fiore, Ferrari – Giulinati, Bagati – Grazia (69′ Badiagli), Marchetti, Cantelli-Damore (86′ Esposito L).

On the bench: Tartaruga, Rossi, Mantovani, Esposito E:, Cavallini, Sansi, Mata.
Shezzie flocks.
Rimini (4-3-3): Marietta-Derratti (74′ Lo Duca), Carboni, Petrangelli, Haveri-Grislin (79′ Caligaro), Tanasa, Tonelli (57′ Tomasini) – Gabianelli, Mencali, Picetella (63′ Ferrara) ).
On the bench: Piretro, Panelli, Contessa, Pari, Pecci.

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Jaboro flocks.

Referee: Silvestri of Roma 1
The dead: Jabanelli, Fiori, Bagati, Kochi, Badiali.
Superior: Daltrio (assistant coach of Rimini) in the 93rd minute.
Notes: Recovery 1′ pt, 6′ st. Angles 2-5.

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