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RID talks about the Fusino Space Center | Leonardo

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The Space Center “Piero Fanti” of the Telespazio in Fucino (L’Aquila) has been active since 1963 and today, with 42 control roomsOf which Five operational 24 hours a day, 170 antennas, 250 employees and 37 hectares of surface, it represents the most important instantaneous port in Europe and one of the largest in the world. This is a strategic infrastructure for Italy, where orbit control activities of satellites are carried out and, in general, all activities related to space missions of the main satellite operators: management of satellite operations and the network of ground stations, management of flight dynamics for all types of civil and military satellite missions, and for all types of satellites and orbits GEO extension (geostationary equatorial orbit), MEO (middle Earth orbit) And LEO (low ground Orbit), controlling data transmissions up to the final trigger. Not only that, but Fucino also deals with the provision of telecom, television and multimedia services and services LEO (Launch and early orbit stage). LEOP is that very sensitive phase that starts from the moment the satellite is separated from the carrier rocket until reaching the final orbital position: it is precisely during this phase that most of the fuel is used to fuel the maneuvers necessary to bring the satellite from the orbit in which the carrier rocket left it to its orbital position Final. In special rooms, called LEOP rooms, all the control and management activities for this phase are carried out: no error is allowed because any error causes an increase in propellant consumption, and thus a shortening of the useful life of the satellite. It is no coincidence that LEOP takes several years to prepare.


The control center in the constellation of the COSMO-SkyMed Earth Observation Satellite and one of the two control centers that operate the European Galileo Navigation and Localization System (the other is located in Germany).

The Italian Galileo Control Center (GCC-I) is an infrastructure of about 6,000 square meters that ensures the processing and distribution of the navigation signal to satellites, the continuous control of the quality of service provided to end users, as well as the management of the Galileo System Data Dissemination Network (GDDN) of which we recall, It includes about 50 ground stations. Galileo is an essential system for the strategic autonomy of Europe and for all associated services: from banking services to positioning and navigation, without forgetting the military services that tomorrow will be linked to the guidance and precision of weapon systems. Galileo’s superior accuracy surpasses that of its American counterpart, GPS, which is guaranteed by the “heart” it represents atomic clocks It was produced by Leonardo at the Nerviano (Milan) factory.

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