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Reveal the number and duration of the episodes of the first season! ⋆ Star Wars

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After the big reveal of the various panels of Star Wars celebration, culminating with director from the trailerNow, we are certain How many episodes of Ahsoka season 1 and how long does it last?. Let’s see it all below!

Ahsoka Episodes

Dave Filoni confirms this The series will contain eight episodesLike The Mandalorian. It is also stated that they will have Almost as long (if not longer) These are from the series with Din Djarin and Grogu as protagonists. So we can assume that The average duration will always be around 40-45 minutes (The second option is more likely if there are long episodes.) We can now also assume that Ahsoka will have more than one season.

We remind you that we will find guidance Dave Filoni (Who wrote the series, of course) Steve Greenwho excellently directed the second episode of Boba Fett bookAnd Peter Ramseydirector of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (most recently directed 3 x 05 The Mandalorian), Jennifer Getzinger, Geeta Patel, and Rick Famuyiwawhich is also transmitted from The Mandalorian to Ahsoka. There are six directors, so it will be interesting to see which of them direct more than one episode.

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