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A new organizational chart for the company. Marta Ferretti elected president –

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Hockey Vercelli logo and Marta Ferretti, her new boss, in a shot by Ilaria Pozzato.

New organizational chart for Engas Hockey Vercelli, the result of the following shareholders and board of directors meeting last night (May 30) at Palapregnolato attended by 66 members. These are the effects:

  • The shareholder meeting voted to join the Board of Directors of Marta Anna Ferretti who, on the next Board of Directors, appointed president;
  • Gianni Torrazzo He is the honorary president of HV and will run the sports sector;
  • The position of Vice President “My Husband”: they will fill the role Elvis Racciopi and Piero Mentasti who, respectively, will take over the management of part of the sponsor’s union (in which he will also participate Fabrizio Mangino, whose entry to the Board of Directors was voted on during compilation) and marketing.
  • David Costanzo is the general manager and sporting director, the deputy sporting director for A1 and the sporting director for B is Giorgio Maneiro. The presence of team managers is expected to manage both teams.
  • Mirko Prezi He is the new Secretary of the Board of Directors,
  • Roberto Girodi He is the general secretary of the office and in charge of the gym.
  • Paolo Galleoni Emphasized in the press officer role;
  • Andrea Kubo You will manage the tax economic part, Barbara Racciobi Administrative.
  • ratified the resignation of two council members, Memo Sabatino And the Costantino Zapino.

Furthermore, Ingas affirmed his commitment as the main sponsor of the company: It will increase its cooperation with HV on both social and commercial levels as crowdfunding. Ingas investment in the company will increase by 10%.

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On the resignation of Sabatino and Zappino, Racciobi I dedicate these words to them: “I am sorry to release Memo Sabatino: A great friend, co-founder of HV who supported the company economically and financially. The same goes for Costantino Zapinoand also our dear friend, who I hope will still be able to cooperate with us in the future, given his remarkable willingness and ability in sports management.”

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