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“One day I would like to direct an LBGTQ+ romance between two black women”

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Zendaya She is an international star who is only 25 years old, she has a veteran CV and is also the youngest woman to win an Emmy as Best Actress in a Drama Series for orgasm. However, there is a lot the actress would like to do

Looks like the actress is starting to think go behind the camera And dedicate yourself to more intimate projects. MJ’s translator Spider-Man: There is no room for home You talked about a passion project you’d like to give life to at some point: LBGTQ+ love story between two black women.

During a conversation with her acting partner tranceColeman Domingo, Per interview magazine, Zendaya revealed that she doesn’t have necessarily a plan for his career. However, the idea of ​​directing in the near future excites her as she admits to it Be very curious about the group Crew members are always asked for more information and ideas about the film making process.

“I never thought, ‘I have to do it by this hour and I want to do it by that date. “I just want Do the things that make me happy They give me joy and satisfy me as an artist and as a human being. So, if one day my career path turns into something completely different, I’ll be free to do so. The idea of ​​trying to direct in the future excites me. That’s why I’m in a big group. When I’m not in it, this is where I try to learn. I walk around and ask the crew: ‘What are you doing today? Can you explain it to me?’ Because we have real veterans. So, the hope is that I will be able, one day, to Do the things I want to see“. And one of the things Zendaya wants to see is A simple love story about two black girls. Avoids the ambiguities or painful material that often accompany stories of sexual or race relations. If she had made this romantic movie (or TV series, she didn’t specify), Zendaya would like her to leave the audience happy.

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“I don’t want it to be rooted in anything other than the story of two people who fell in love. Something simple and beautiful, To leave you happy and have the desire to fall in love. Not as a shocking thing..which is really important to talk about, but I like a coming-of-age story where weird and funny things happen, just like when any other young man tries to figure out who he is.” He is done.

Zendaya’s 2021 was full of new releases with Malcolm and Mary, Space Jam: A New Legacy, in which he expressed Lola Bunny, Dune in the normal way , Spider-Man: There is no room for home Who will be at the cinema today? December 15. It looks like 2022 is going to be another big year for her, given what’s long overdue The second season of Ecstasy It will finally arrive in January and Snapshots of Dune 2 Where there should be more screen time. What do you think of this futuristic Zendaya project, would you like to see her pass behind the camera? Let us know in the comments!

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