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The eighteenth issue of btp Italia It was a huge success and recorded the sixth best result ever: Young savers in particular found the characteristics of BTP Italia particularly interesting, a sign of the desire of families and individuals to protect their savings in the face of a run and has now reached 11.8%.

From 14 to 16 November, the three days of release, 255,753 savings subscribed to BTP Italia with a value equal to 7.28 billion euros. Also looking at the institutional investors, financing is close to 12 billion. But why did the Italians love BTP Italia so much? First of all, it has a maturity of 6 years and a final real annual coupon rate of 1.6%. It also has the following characteristics: Coupons payable every six months, Guaranteed capital at maturity, Preferential taxation of all government bonds at 12.5%, Guarantee of fully meeting demand.

Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti He said he was proud of the success of BTP Italia: “I am particularly satisfied that, in addition to the numbers, we have managed to attract more and more investments from households who obviously trust the state’s proposal to defend private savings against inflation. Proof that we have chosen the right path.”

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