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Red wine or white wine, which is more harmful? Let’s dispel the myth right away

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Red wine or white wine, which is more harmful to your health? Let’s try to explain, in order to dispel the widespread myth.

Choose a red wine or one white It depends, first of all, on personal tastes and, moreover, also on the dish that accompanies it. Whatever the case, perhaps, it is not always clear which of the two can cause more damage.

Excellent Italian production of red and white wines

L’Italy He definitely owns one A long and ancient tradition environmental. On the other hand, Bel Paese certainly occupies a first-class position regarding the global market for this drink.

Wine bottles (Pexels) –

Just a few years ago, in fact, it is long shoes He even managed to eliminate his historical rival, that is, specifically Francethanks to the production of more than 48 million hectoliters.

And within the Italian borders, it can certainly be said that there is Some of the most famous grape varieties respecting others. In this regard, we can mention at least Sangiovesethe Tuscan Trebbianothe Barberaand others.

Moreover, in Italy, according to the data collected, there seem to be more Three hundred local vineyards. In short, a strip Italian viticulture It is a franchise that is recognized all over the world and is even able to attract a significant portion of tourism.

Recently, however, at the beginning of April, the most prestigious event was held in Verona International Wine Fair Which, like every year, brings together thousands of connoisseurs and connoisseurs of wine.

In this case, it is a very important event established in the now distant 60’s. Also in this edition, therefore, there was Some wines who distinguished themselves.

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Actually, inside Finitaly Each time, a contest is held where some expert judges order The best wines They belong to several different categories.

Thus, those deemed most deserving are included in the valued index 5 star wine book.

for any concern red wineThis time, he was the winner Barolo DOCG Sarmassa 2018With a score of 95 points. The same result was obtained by A white wineBeside Greco di Tufo DOCG 2022 Terre D’Aione Winery.

Is red wine or white wine more harmful?

However, regardless of these positive results, we must bear in mind that for the sake of our health, it is advised never to exceed this drink.

A glass of red wine (Pexels) –

Moreover, one might even wonder what it actually is The most harmful type of wine. Well, according to some sources, the title appears to belong to white wine.

Yes, it may not seem so at first glance, because it is considered lighter than red. However, apparently, the white wine It will contain more sulfites.

The reason is that the white wine would be more inclined to‘oxidationand sulfates, specifically, are used to delay this phenomenon.

Two glasses of white wine (Pexels) –

In fact, our body is not able to get rid of it easily sulfur dioxideAnd, for this reason, it can happen quite often headache.

What’s more, the white wine He even has it More acidic taste; a feature that can also cause an upset stomach and upset digestion.

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