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Raoul Bova, screaming in the street and punches flying: no one has ever seen him like this

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Raul Bova and Rocio Muñoz Morales –

A motorist runs over Rocío Muñoz Morales and puts Raúl Bova out of his mind: after death threats and throwing a punch, the actor ends up in court.

It’s easy for us to think it’s a scene from a movie, but in reality it’s all true: Raul Bova This time he lost his nerve. The Italian actor, born in 1971, started his career as a swimmer, but left that ambition to devote himself to the world of entertainment. His talent is indisputable, and his diverse roles have made the audience fall in love with his character.

However, we are talking about real people who are faced with common situations and are therefore not exempt from them legal problems. In this story we see his better half as a hero, Rocío Muñoz Morales.

The couple has been confirmed as one of the most powerful couples in the entertainment world. Their fictional story was born behind the scenes of the movie Immature 2013, when Raoul was separating from his first wife Claire Jordan. From their love two wonderful daughters were born: Luna in 2015 and Alma in 2018.

One episode in particular saw the couple in the spotlight: during a neighborhood lunch Saint John of RomeThe unimaginable happens. Car driver He made the wrong maneuver, risked the showgirl’s investment. However, Raul Bova’s reaction caused him many problems with the law.

Fists are flying in the street: Raoul Bova is charged with acts of private violence

The attack dates back to April 27, 2019, at the exit of the restaurant Vitelloni In Via Amiterno in Rome. The couple, aged about 13, were leaving for L’Aquila to go to a friend’s funeral. Before getting into the car, Rossio is wrecked by a Ford Fiesta that reverses into the parking lot, unaware of the actress’s presence.

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The driver stopped just in time but still hit Rossio. at that point, Raoul Bova gets out of the car and confronts the driver 42-year-old Vincenzo Cartolaro. In fact, the actor shouts out loud: “Now I’m going to take you inside and fix you, I’m going to kill you!”. Although the man did not react, Raoul Bova started throwing several punches at him.

Rocio Muñoz Morales and Raul Bova -
Roma – Raul Bova e Rossio (C) Mertino / Gavioli / Olik Group –

As reported by the judges’ records: “Bova opened the driver’s side door and grabbed Kartolaro by the left arm and pulled him out of the car, also grabbed the mobile phone he was carrying, and threw it on the ground, immediately after the injured person hit his left shoulder.”. After the first hearing, Raoul Bova has been charged with private acts of violence; Instead, the man was diagnosed with 5 days from diagnosis.

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