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Race for Labomar Supplements: “We’re Coming to America With Importfab”

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Labomar is eyeing the North American market and aims to build on the acquisitions made in previous years. CEO and founder Walter Bertin is back from Canada and can’t hide his excitement. The company, based in Istrana in the province of Treviso, is listed on the stock exchange and specializes in the development and production of food products, medical devices, foods for special medical purposes and cosmetics on behalf of third parties.

“I was in Canada for a week, where we have a subsidiary Importfab – explains Bertin – this is the first time since we took over the company at the end of 2019. We have lived these two years with the pandemic and all the problems related to the pandemic. Decrease in revenue, banning the production of cosmetics and raw materials. “Managing the deficit. The Canadian government helped us and now we’re seeing a lot of excitement.” Importfab is a pure contractor model for which it makes available plants, manpower, technologies and brings research & development to the areas where Labomar operates in collaboration with the parent company.

“Right now we’re thinking about expansion in Canada, and then in the second half of the year, we’ll also think about an expansion plan in the United States, since we’re sixty kilometers from the border,” he adds.

“Covid – Bertin explains – has created a big change everywhere in the world. The focus on well-being is prevention and attention to products with an important natural component. Now the shift of even minor pathologies towards this type of products is a phenomenon we see in all markets.

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In this basic scenario lies the collaborative relationship Labomer developed with important pharmaceutical groups such as Menarini, Safoni and Bayer.

In terms of growth, Labomar, which accounts for 46 percent of its revenue from foreign sales, is focusing on key markets such as France, Germany, Spain and Eastern Europe, and apparently North America. The group closed 2022 with preliminary consolidated revenues of approximately 92 million euros. The increase is 41.5% compared to the consolidated turnover achieved in 2021, equal to approximately 65 million euros. Labomar Spa and Entreprises ImportFab Inc. Along with the values ​​of – the figure for 2021 is included – the turnover of the companies acquired during the year (Gruppo Welcare, starting from the second half of the year and Labiotre Srl only in December).

Compared to pro forma data for 2021, on a like-for-like basis, including acquisitions made during the year, group turnover shows growth of 24%.

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