Home Tech Rabona Mobile crashes: Internet browsing does not work after outgoing SMS – MondoMobileWeb.it | News | telephony

Rabona Mobile crashes: Internet browsing does not work after outgoing SMS – MondoMobileWeb.it | News | telephony

Rabona Mobile crashes: Internet browsing does not work after outgoing SMS – MondoMobileWeb.it |  News |  telephony

from morning on Today is April 12, 2023default operator clients Rabun Mobile they find it Inability to use data transfera new damage Which is added to the active number for a few weeks which does not allow you to send text messages to other numbers.

As reported by MondoMobileWeb, in fact, From mid-March 2023 for customers of Rabona and the second brand Welcome!?! She is experiencing an outage that does not allow her to send SMS from your SIM card.

Despite many reports, The problem is still there several weeks after the startfor any of them So far Rabona clients are not able to conduct outgoing SMS traffic (While receiving incoming messages).

Now, according to Several reports Also connect to the community’s experiences and issues at MondoMobileWeb dedicated to Rabona Mobile, starting at As of 06:00 today, April 12, 2023, Rabona Mobile customers are unable to surf the Internet. The problem also includes the second brand Welcome!?!.

Please remember that Rabun Mobile It is a Virtual Operator (MVNO) providing its services since April 17, 2019 relying on Vodafone Italy network in 2G and 4G through the complex Planetronat a maximum speed of The download speed is 60mbps and 30mbps for upload.

The operator also uses the second brand Welcome!?!although their SIM cards, although with different graphics and logos, are always those of the operator Rabun MobileWhere the contract is signed directly with the main brand. With rabona and the second brand Welcome!?! You can also use a file VoLTE serviceon some compatible smartphones.

If the problem with outgoing SMS can be less impressive given the low usage now of this type of message (although some operators require you to reply to SMS to implement the possibility of number portability), On the other hand, the damage to internet surfing has a strong impact since majority of mobile customers now use the SIM card mainly for data traffic..

At the moment, the only services that Rabona Mobile customers and customers of the second brand Si Pronto can offer are calls onlyboth incoming and outgoing, and Receive incoming SMS.

It has been determined that other virtual operators on the Vodafone mobile network who use Plintron as an aggregator do not experience any harm related to their data connection.so it appears that the problem involves Just slices of rabona.

Rabona customers can’t even contact customer service, as they can’t be reached be the number 4000can be used by Rabona SIM, that help number 0694800847 It can be called from numbers other than Rabuna or from abroad.

At the moment, no official information has been provided About a possible solution to the problem and what timing to be able to use data traffic again as well as outgoing SMS.

MondoMobileWeb readers are invited to share their experience with Rabona Mobile damage in the comments or in the report form.

SMS messages not sent by Rabona SIM. Thanks to Cinzia for the photo.

It should be noted that, Despite the damage done by SMS, in recent weeks Rabona Mobile has continued to promote its various sponsorships or initiatives on social networks.but without responding to the problem that has now also extended to data traffic.

For example, during these weeks New partnership with Club Modena like Blu Partners It is being worked on The new Rabona Radio with the new schedule and other news.

Moreover, as already announced in recent weeks also on the social networks of Rabona, the next network April 17, 2023 to Gran Gala del Calcio Adicosp (Association of Football Managers and Collaborators) will be Rabona Mobile Awards are presented for the ‘Best Goal’ of the 2021/2022 season and ‘Best Vintage Goal’.None of the past, made this year thanks to the partnership with the operator and the dedicated respectively to Antonio Candreva (Sampdoria – Udinese, October 3, 2021) e Joseph Giannini (Foggia – Rome on March 20, 1994).

In recent days, on the occasion of the weekend Easter 2023 Just finished, suggested the default launcher too Regular online recharge offerwith bonus phone credit, and lo Discount on buying a new SIM.

As stated in the MondoMobileWeb editorial, in light of the continuing damage and the absence of official responses from Rabona Mobile, The problem may not be technical but of some other nature.

However, it must be said In the past, Rabona Mobile has indeed experienced temporary problems surfing the Internetwhich also disbanded the same day. So, If the data traffic problem does not persist for a long time, it may also be just a technical damagenot related to the status of an outgoing SMS that has been going on for about a month.

We thank MondoMobileWeb readers for the many reports.

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