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Putin at St. Petersburg Economic Forum: “NATO is drawn into war in Ukraine. Zelensky is a disgrace to the Jewish people”

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“Yesterday and today In Ukraine, Leopard tanks are burning, it will be the same with the F-16s“: It is Putin without brakes who speaks at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. “Sure, NATO is involved in the war in UkraineHe says, as TASS reports.

He would also have declared that “sanctions do not hinder our development.” put it inAccording to the reports of the Russian agency RIA Novosti. second put it inRather, it is the West to bring its economy towards “strong inflationary growth” and thus “Try to cover up your mistakesThrough the conflict in Ukraine.

Moreover, the Russian leader indulges in anti-Semitic remarks towards the Ukrainian president. My Jewish friends told me that Zelensky is not a Jew, but he is a disgrace to the Jewish peopleMoreover, according to the leader of the Kremlin, the Ukrainian president “He covers up neo-Nazis with his actions, elevating Hitler’s successors to the pedestal“.

put it in He also stated that Russia can “Destroy any building in the center of KyivBut he decided to reject it for “various reasons.” RIA Novosti reports. The attacks on the Belgorod region and the Kremlin are “an attempt to provoke Russia into serious reprisals,” Putin added. “Russia – he says – does not need this nuclear weaponsAnd we will use it “only in the event of a serious threat to the existence of the Russian state.”

about the Contacts between Russia and the United StatesPutin said that “practically” Russia has noneBut, he added, “we are not the ones who rejected them.” The United States preferred to supply weapons to Ukraine for contacts with Russia. We’ll burn them and then see what happens. The Kremlin leader also reiterated that Moscow “never closed the door to diplomacy,” but that the choice “was the West’s.”

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