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Putin and Xi Jinping, China’s Plan Revealed: “Something Has Changed”

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Russia in the grip of China. President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow ended with Vladimir Putin opening up (on paper) to Beijing’s proposed peace plan. Writer Antonio Munda, guest of the Stasera Italia program on Rete4, on Wednesday, March 22, believes that this is a sign of weakness: “Accepting a peace proposal seals a difficulty because if he had won the war in a week as he said you would never have agreed to talk about it – Munda said -. “Putin would not have wanted such a situation. He wanted to invade Ukraine in a few days, some commentators said so… Instead, we are a year and a month away. A handshake with Xi Jinping is not an act of force.”

He was echoed by the director of Il Riformista, Piero Sansonetti: “Europe does not exist politically at the moment. The game is being played only by the Chinese and Americans, partly by the British. Stomach ache in the Italian parliament? It would be strange if there weren’t different positions on this sensitive topic, it’s even Good because it shows the vitality of our politics. If anything, Sanunetti worried about Great Britain, which said that it was ready to supply Ukraine with uranium bombs: “It’s crazy, the British should be calm. Now I don’t see prospects for peace.

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