June 9, 2023

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Project Spartacus Will Be Like “Nintendo Switch Online, But Better”, To Insiders – Nerd4.life

In a new video posted on YouTube, insider Nate Hate talked about it Spartacus project, the new Sony subscription serviceHe revealed alleged new details about what he will present and describe how Similar to “Nintendo Switch Online .”, but better.”

Endeader claims that Spartacus will integrate PlayStation Now with PlayStation Plus, with the ability to play a huge catalog of ancient glories for PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP on both PS5 and PS4.

Therefore, in his opinion, the service will be more conceptually similar to the Nintendo Switch Online from the Big N company rather than the Xbox Game Pass, given that among other things You won’t see 3D games like God of War Ragnarok added at launch. Nate the Hate expects the official announcement from Sony after the end of the current fiscal year, between April and June.

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Deep Throat also claims that it will be available at the launch of Project Spartacus 100 PS1 gamesPS2 and PSP will arrive by the end of 2022. Either way it will apparently be possible to download titles to your console. On the contrary, a series of PS3 games will be added later, which will only be available in streaming, at least initially. At the moment, the insider is not sure, but according to some of his sources, it will also be possible to purchase “old” games separately. However, there is no information regarding the possible integration of the prizes for PS1, PSP and PS2 games.

Also according to Nate the Hate, ProjectSpartacus will initially be available in the 19 countries where PlayStation Now is currently available, then also ItalySony plans to expand the service and move it to other countries at a later date.

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Lots of interesting information, but without any official confirmation. The rumors of a new subscription service from Sony are getting more compelling and there’s definitely something to be cooked up, but we’re waiting for the official news.

Staying on the topic of rumors, according to Jeff Grob, there is a bigger acquisition of Bungie on the horizon and it could be Capcom.