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Pride Varese continues to support sports in the province

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Varese basketball, of course, as always, but not only: in Dedicated day for your final balance The companies that form it gather annually Orgoglio Varese strengthened its role Service to multiple companies active in the world of sports to maintain and advertise Three new entries Within her “team” of about thirty members.

Four clubs participate in the 2022 aid tranche: Joe Green from Guerrilla Minor (women’s bikes), and New Varese Games (women’s athletics), and Polisportiva MA.GO. (Basketball and Interdisciplinary Camp) by Marnat and Guerla Maggiore, LHC Varese 1977 (youth ice hockey) which is added to it Ride to donate to the project Organized in September to raise money for AIL and to fight leukemia. “Let’s not forget Varese basketball This is the company our group has moved for since day one – explained Rosario Raciza, Managing Director of Openjobmetis Spa, the one who birthed the initiative in 2019 – so much so that at the start of the season Pride Varese spilled a Contribution of 105 thousand euros In the red and white cupboards.

Basketball, in fact, is The subject that benefited the most from anything Financial aid from Pride of Varese: «Since September 2019 – he recalls Marco Zamperetti – Our group has collected and distributed a file Total 733 thousand euros; from this money, 634 thousand euros went to the club, which plays in the first division of basketball. However, we are very happy to support others 139 thousand euros, about twenty companies sports for a total About 4,000 members. And then we supported Special projects Like buying an ultrasound machine for the Circolo Hospital and three defibrillators in Varese, two in the gyms and one in the center ».

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“Do tBefore the facts we supported In recent years, he has received in return all the positive shock wave of their energy – he continues Rasizi – Ours is nothing but a file The way to give back to the earth, through sports, is what we got as companies. The energy that we want to return to circulation gives value to the passion of many athletes and young women ». As in previous years, each company received support afterwards Present a project and explain their needs. If Ju Green needs an agile vehicle to follow the athletes, Nuova Athletica will allocate the money received to purchase specific equipment; The youth hockey teams, which have an agreement with Aosta, will use the money to cover travel costs while the MA.GO sports club intends to allow everyone to participate in their tournaments and will therefore cover the fees of those families who have difficulties getting their children into sports.

The award ceremony was held in Restaurant “Da Anita” in Capolago, It also served to introduce me Three new entries In Pride Varese: the financial advisory firm consultinvest, business network Enlighter Spa And the Varese fur. Among the guests is also the President of Confindustria Varese Roberto GrassiMayor and Varese Sports Adviser, Davide Gallimberti and Stefano Mallerpa, former quaestor Giovanni Pepe.
Grassi, in particular, informed the public about the challenges that await entrepreneurship and the manufacturing fabric of the province, in light of current problems associated with the cost of energy and raw materials: energy theme In particular, it is placed Whole segments are on their knees Because rising prices not only affect energy-intensive companies but also all related industries surrounding them. Among other things, the province of Varese exports more than 40% of its GDP and therefore suffers more from the difficulties of the international framework. but We are also optimistic and I am convinced that we will succeed To overcome this complicated period even if the road is still long.”

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