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Price hike in Sweden, first price increase in Europe – Multiplayer.it

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Xbox Xbox X And xbox s They cost more in Sweden. It’s about the first price increase It is played by Microsoft for its consoles in Europe. On the official Xbox Series X store, it now costs 6195 SEK, or 560.38 € at the current exchange rate. The price has been raised by 500 SEK, or €45.23 at the current exchange rate.

Instead, the Xbox Series S costs 3,895 SEK, or €352.33 at the current exchange rate. The previous price was 3,300 SEK. Swedish stores have also adapted to the price increase, at least for the Xbox Series X. The Series S is still around The original pricebut we imagine it’s only a matter of time before it gets updated to Microsoft’s new guidance.

The price increase of more than two years worth of hardware is certainly an unusual case. Traditionally after this period the price of consoles is reduced. However, given the global economic situation and the fact that Sony has already raised the price of its consoles with the PS5, the fact seems less surprising than it appears.

So far, Microsoft has not announced any plans to raise the price of the Xbox Series in 2016 Rest of Europebut it must be said that the increase in Sweden happened suddenly, so it is likely that the same thing will happen in other places as well.

So Nintendo remains the only hardware manufacturer that hasn’t raised the price of its newest console, even if it must be said that the Nintendo Switch is now at the end of its life cycle and that Mario’s house never sold it at a loss, as it did by Sony and Microsoft.

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