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Preview of “The King’s Man” “Exclusive” on Torino-

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From Fabrizio division

Co-filmed with Turin, Vinaria, Stubenigi and Racconegi, on location and in their respective royal residences. It will be shown in theaters on January 5th

At last the time of the king’s man – the origins have come, The third chapter of the saga directed by Matthew Vaughn with Ralph Fiennes and Stanley TucciIt was filmed largely in Piedmont between April 23 and May 7, 2019 and will be released in theaters on January 5. The Walt Disney Company Italy and the Film Commission Torino Piemonte organized Thursday evening, December 9th, the first and only Italian screening of the film at the Ambrosio Cinema, with an event dedicated to the professionals and institutions involved in its making.

He filmed Turin, Vinaria, Stubingi and Racconegi, both outdoors and in their respective royal residences, using one of the most impressive production machines ever hosted in Piedmont. Moreover, in 12 weeks of preparation and two weeks of shooting, also thanks to the cooperation of the Rai Production Center in Turin, Lumiq Studios were used in production as a logistics base for the city. Among the local professionals participating in the group, in a squad of 400 Italian and international professionals, it is worth noting the webmaster Mara Sereda; site managers Federico Fusco and Emanuela Mignoli; Casting directors Laura Leonardi, Elena Aime and Stefania Monge participated in the selection of about 1,400 characters, of which 40 small roles were entrusted to local actors.

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