Home science Press release for the Mondadori Senza press meeting

Press release for the Mondadori Senza press meeting

Press release for the Mondadori Senza press meeting

Dear readers, Focus is 30 years old and its publisher has decided to celebrate this anniversary by decapitating the editorial offices.

Mondadori Scienza has launched a group class action for 14 photojournalists or the entire graphics department of the publishing house newspapers which include Focus magazines, Focus.it, Focus Storia, Focus Junior, Focus Pico, Focus Wild and related digital platforms. The measure affects a third of workers in all editorial offices, an unprecedented fact.

The company said it wanted to outsource its entire graphic design work in order to reduce personnel costs. An alarming process of social massacre, especially if we remember the following:

  • The Mondadori Media Zone, as recently announced, closed 2021 with €12.4 million in EBITDA, up more than 50% compared to 2020 (€7.9 million) and also above €11.3 million in 2019;
  • Mondadori Scienza CoR proposed to Mondadori Scienza a wide range of measures to contain costs and avoid layoffs, but the company did not enter into the merits of the discussion;
  • Until 2019, the editorial staff had already faced 10 years of reduction in layoffs and solidarity salaries.

Journalists Association

  • condemns the very dangerous unilateral action of Mondadori Sinza and calls for its withdrawal;
  • Indicates from the day the state of the agitation;
  • Provides CDR with an initial 30-day strike package, such as Focus Years.

Milan, March 21, 2022


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