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PostePay, it’s time to get your money back

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It could be the subject of an online scam. There are ways and mechanisms to activate in order to get a refund. But you have to be careful to respect all the steps.


It would have happened to everyone to hear the stories of who it was deceive Or you encounter serious and serious problems with online purchases. Unfortunately, getting into checking accounts and absorbing files Money. One of the cards most victimized by the fraud mechanism is undoubtedly the one issued by PostpaidCard Italian Post Which is one of the most popular places but at the same time a favorite destination for hackers and viruses. However, this is accompanied by a sector of laws and mechanisms that should allow access to refunds and returns of money illegally stolen from checking accounts. Even when it comes to a few euros.

Money Disappeared from Postepay Account: Can You Get a Refund?


Italian Post It guarantees a high level of security towards its customers. And even when the bill happens to come Hacked And after possessing the virus, Poste Italiane tries to cover up what happened. Thus, the account holder will be able to recover the stolen amount. However, it is clear that if the customer appears to have provided his personal data about him, to friends or strangers, then it is clear that the game could become complicated. One of the most difficult cases is the case of the client who imagined talking to him italian post, It responds to scam messages and provides its data.

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That’s when Postepay returns the scammed money


As mentioned, Postpaid It guarantees a high level of security. However, when the system is violated, the first operation to be performed is to block the card and stop the fraud. After that, it is a good idea to report the incident to the police and then start the refund procedure Postpaid, by compiling the form, handing over the documents, and a series of formalities which, though tedious, are used to identify the card and trigger the redemption phase. To block the cards you have to call the number 800.003322 or 02.82443333 in case of calls from abroad.

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