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Poste renews Postal Savings Agreement – Ultima Ora in 2024 with Cdp

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(ANSA) – ROME, Dec 16 – The CDP and Poste Italiane have agreed the terms of a new agreement until 2024 on postal savings, which includes postal savings books for a total of 103 billion and postal savings bonds for a total of 216 billion.
“The terms of this agreement make it possible to achieve the financial objectives related to the postal savings distribution commission set forth in our 24SI plan in a sustainable way,” comments the CEO. By Poste Italiane, Matteo Del Fante. “It ensures the continuity of deposits and provides an opportunity for further development of postal savings,” comments the CEO. By Cdp, Dario Scanabico.
According to the agreement, which will be signed in the next few days – explains a common note -, the bonuses for placing coupons and brochures will continue to be paid and managed by annual commissions, which are differentiated on the basis of the type of products, the amount of which is still largely in line with previous years, at a minimum €1.6 billion and a maximum of €1.85 billion, against agreed net flow targets. The reward system for placing coupons, which was previously based mainly on upfront commissions, now provides a mixed reward, partly linked to upfront commissions (varying by year of issue and voucher type) and partly to annual management (differentiated by voucher year of issue),” ensuring the sustainability of the service. Better”. (Dealing).

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