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Possible formations for Salernitana-Empoli: for the space of Pjaca and Piatek in the second half

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Here is the latest in Salernitana Empoli Compiled by TMW reporters:

▪ Salernitana – Empoli – Monday 5 September, 6.30 pm, Areci Stadium
Referee: Rosario Abiso from Palermo
▪ Ranking: Salernitana 5 points, Empoli 3 points
▪ Direct TV by DAZN

How to reach Salernitana
Less rest day from Empoli and expensive flight to Bologna. These are two of the reasons that could push Mr. Nicolas to change something in the first 11 matches for the next live match in Arechi which promises to be very hot. However, the imperfect physical condition of some players will prompt the coach to demand a special sacrifice from the defensive trio. Danieluk is suffering from the flu virus, Pirola is not ready yet, Radovanovic and Lovato are infected and they will have it for several more days. Thus the trio ahead of Sippy would still be made up of Brun, Jember and Fazio. Candreva resumes his place on the right, Matzuchi returns to the left, while in the center they check the shirt of Maggiore and Lassana Coulibaly, with Castanos in the run-off with Vilhena. Confidence is still ahead of the Dia-Bonazzoli tandem, at the start of the second half for Piatek. Outside also Ribery and Bohenen.

How to reach Empoli
Baldanzi Ko on the trocar Bajrami from the first minute. In defense the usual quartet should be confirmed, with Stojanovic and Baresi on the wings and the Ismagili-Luberto duo in the middle. In the middle run-off between Marin and Gracie and between Haas and Henderson with the top two candidates. In an offensive to assess Destro’s conditions, it’s still not 100%: the Satriano Lammers duo looms once again with ex-Genoa and Biacca poised to take over during the running race.

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