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Popular brand on the shelves – Libero Quotidiano

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pull a batch of spell chips bars And puffed with cranberries, chopped hazelnuts and cinnamon under the Carrefour Bio brand. The report came directly from the Carrefour supermarket, which recalled the product. Reason for withdrawal? The Presence of sulfates (23 +/- 6 mg/kg) not declared on the label.

Relevant product – as received Food Fact – Sold in cans of 125 grams (5 x 25 grams) with Part number 1812 And the minimum storage period (Tmc) 23/12/2023. The mentioned written tapes were produced for Carrefour GS Spa by Poggio del Farro Srl, at the factory located at Via Bruscoli Cerdello 317/A in Firenzuola, in the greater city of Florence.

In any case, as a precaution, people with sensitivity to sulfites are advised not to take bars with the batch number and the specified minimum shelf life. The product, on the other hand, is safe for consumers who are not allergic to sulfites.

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