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Plot and when the ambiance

Plot and when the ambiance

Philip brothers About to land on TV. The film, already shown in October 2021 at the Rome Film Festival, tells the vicissitudes of the three famous Neapolitan actors and gives a glimpse into the city and Neapolitan society in the 1920s and 1930s. Here’s when it airs and what it has to say in detail.

The Di Filippo Brothers, The Conspiracy

The film is set in Naples in the early twentieth century. The main characters are, of course, Brothers Eduardo, Peppino and Titina Di Filippo, Translated respectively by Mario Autor, Domenico Benelli, and Anna Viraioli Revell. Those, upon the death of their biological father, The great actor Eduardo Scarpetta who dressed as Giancarlo Giannini, They discover that they inherited nothing. The three were not recognized by the father, who always considered his legitimate children to be the best, particularly his son Vincenzo, Who in the movie is the face of Biagio Izu.

The one great thing they inherited from their father is the intangible: talent. The three breathe theater air from an early age and soon show that they are gifted with impressive acting skills. After a long and difficult apprenticeship, the tall three planned to form their own company. However, the project is often postponed due to disagreements and misunderstandings in the trio. What causes this is above all Eduardo’s tendency to excel, which Peppino can hardly stand.

To exacerbate the situation is a definite event: Eduardo decided to leave for Milan to hire a company, trying to get Peppino also. However, the latter retreats at the last moment, choosing to take his brother’s place accompanied by his half-brother Vincenzo. Once, returning to Naples from Milan, where he was never able to integrate, Eduardo finally managed to persuade the brothers to work together. their first show”Sik-Sik, l’artefice magico”It is appreciated by the public. Then the three decided to take a tour of Sicily. Here, however, their golden moment ends: their humor is unwelcome e The brothers are forced to return to Naples penniless.

Soon, the three were able to get up thanks to their masterpiece, “Christmas at the Cupiello House”. To make the show, the three got into debt, and they managed to get them hired at the Corsal Theater in Naples. Unfortunately, a few minutes after the debut, on December 25, 1931, another violent quarrel broke out between the Di Filippo brothers.

Even Peppino initially decided to abandon his brothers and take up employment with his brother Vincenzo. This is waiting for him right outside the stage. But then he turns his back and sees the play ad written on it “The Brothers Di Filippo”, He fondly recalls the first steps he took on stage with his siblings in his childhood.

Then Peppino decides to follow in his footsteps and complete the show, which is a resounding success. The Di Filippo family continued their career together until 1944, When their company collapses due to another argument. The three, individually, will make their way into the world of drama.

The Di Filippo Brothers program on Rai

The De Filippo brothers will be broadcast on Rai on December 30, 2021. The film debuted on the big screen for a limited time, from December 13 to 15, 2021. Sergio Rubini addressed the direction and theme of the film, While music is Nicola Beovani, Academy Award-winning composer for “Life is beautiful” by Benigni. The director revealed that he wouldn’t rule out making a sequel to this “The story of redemption” Which depicts the events of the Three Brothers after 1944.

Only in these weeks In the Rai table it is possible to find new TV spots of the famous works of Eduardo De Filippo, Translated by Sergio Castellito. December 14th, it’s your turn Saturday, Sunday and Monday While his turn will come soon “I don’t pay you”. This is how a real trilogy will end, Opened last December 2020 by “Christmas at Casa Cobelo”.


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