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Plot and cast the movie

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Two girls discover that they were raised by the wrong families due to a mistake at birth: this is what happens in Inga Lindstrom the other daughter A romantic 2018 film directed by Stephanie Sicolt.

Inga Lindstrom The Other Daughter, Plot

The story that the film tells focuses on the life of the young woman Jet, A maid without a mother, her Lord is her father Henrik, old fisherman The man is about to go blind and the loving daughter takes care of him with much love and makes many sacrifices. However, one day, the girl’s life is set to change drastically due to the shocking news.

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The Ministry of Health sends her a letter to clarify this because of a Birth errorJette has been swapped for another little girl and the two women were brought up by the wrong parents. The other young woman, Henrik’s real daughter, lives in the house burgen, A wealthy family produces furniture, Jett’s real parents. The Borgens don’t take the news very well and when Jette tries to get to know her real family, she is turned away thanks to a lawyer. Steven , Which Jet will not be indifferent to.

Inga Lindstrom The Other Daughter, Cast

To interpret the torque Jette we find Paula SchramWhile Leonard Lansink His father plays Henry and Max Walkie Gives the face to Stephen the Witch. In the spit from Inga Lindstrom the other daughter Also stars Marion Kracht, Tobias van Decen, Nina Brandt, Franz Xavier Bruckner, Eva Maria Bayerwaltis, Stephen Benson, Frederic Wagner

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