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Plenty of space in a compact shape

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if space Archive It is never enough for you, but you want your data to always be with you, then good data external hard disk is what you need. In this case we suggest Seagate Expansion 4TBCapable of meeting any need in terms of capacity, only in a highly compressed format 93.50 € that it Amazon.

Seagate Expansion Portable 4TB External Hard Drive: Technical Specifications

It is a fairly simple device with a very nice design. Entire surface Texturizata And there is no shortage of operation Drove To monitor disk activity. The ability, as mentioned, is good 4TB Allowing you to store huge amounts of files PhotoAnd Video and infinity of Documents. It’s a unit well suited for both professional and private use, and possibly sharing on your home network. The interface used is of course the same USB 3.0 of bandwidth 5 Gbps It allows you to quickly back up your computer. It is compatible with virtually any desktop operating system such as windowsAnd Mac OS NS linuxbeing marginal Plug and play. However, it can also be used as a memory expansion for Control unit, normally after relative formatting.

However, one of the most interesting features of Seagate’s proposal is rescue service included. for Two years The company is committed to recovering data lost due to disk failure. This is testament to the quality and reliability that Seagate invests in its storage devices. To close the moratorium think about it Seagate dashboard, which allows you to check the status of the disk e a program Automatic backups, even for individual files that are considered the most important. In short, a truly complete package to protect your data and always have it with you.

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thanks discount 25%Seagate Expansion Portable 4TB can be purchased Amazon Just 93.50 € to provide €31.50 in the price list.

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