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places of knowledge. Search in the mountains | Sciences

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places of knowledgeJourney through Italy for scientific research and experimentation. A story that highlights the close relationship between science and the region and leads us to discover the places where researchers work and the natural environments that are the subject of their research.

The story is entrusted to its presenter Claire Buratti which explores the places of Italian science and reveals its cultural and natural horizon, but also the passion for science of the protagonists of the most important research projects.

In this episode dedicated to alpine sciences, we go to Val d’Aosta to see what has been studied at the Angelo Musso Scientific Institute, at an altitude of 2901 meters in the heart of Monte Rosa. The Snow and Alpine Soils Laboratory of the University of Turin is located there and is dedicated to soil projects in mountain environments. Pediatrician and pediatrician Michael Freebase and climate scientist Elise Pallasboth from the University of Turin, with a mountain guide Arnold Wolf From Aosta Valley Alpine Guides, tell us about the research being done there. Even higher, at an altitude of 3480 metres, on the Rosa Plateau, on the border between Italy and Switzerland opposite the Matterhorn, are the Testa Grigia research station of the Department of Earth System Sciences and Environmental Technologies of the National Research Council and a meteorological station of the Air Force. Unique and distinctive places to do science, with many active research projects. They tell us about them Paolo Bonassoniscientific director of Testa Gregia Station (ISAC-CNR), Eros MarianiTechnical Director of Testa Gregia (CNR) Station, Francis ApadolaScientific Director of RSE (Research in Energy System), Stephanie Gilardoniatmospheric chemist (ISP-CNR), Silvia Vernettophysicist of the National Institute of Astrophysics and Massimiliano Di Ruvo, chief of the Plateau Rosa weather station of the Italian Air Force.

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broadcast on December 3, 2022 in 21.00 on me Rai School (Channel 57). the second episode

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