December 2, 2023

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Pilots fall asleep while flying and miss their destination

Pilots fall asleep while flying and miss their destination

Two pilots of a passenger plane sank at an altitude of 11,000 meters in the sky of EgyptEthiopia They missed the scheduled landing at Addis Ababa airport. According to the newspaper, Air Heraldthe control tower at the Ethiopian port tried several times to contact the crew, but the two did not respond.

While flying over the runway, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 autopilot detached, activating an alarm that woke the two pilots who returned the plane to the Ethiopian capital, as documented by Gateway Radar. Which highlights the eight-shaped path around the destination airport. Thus, the flight that left Sudan’s Khartoum airport reached its destination after 25 minutes of flying over the runway for the first time.

The episode, which ended with a happy ending, has alarmed the civil aviation sector, which in the past few hours – since the appearance of the unplanned high-altitude event on August 15 – has begun to question the possible causes. Aviation expert Alex Machairas noted on Twitter that the “deeply disturbing” incident involved “Africa’s largest airline”. “Pilot fatigue is nothing new and continues to be one of the most significant threats to aviation safety internationally,” added Machiras, who invoked the recent protest by British pilots against the low-cost airline Jet2 for which he was convicted, according to Balpa Trade. Union, in order to “not recognize” the problem of the pace of work too stressful and tiring for the crews.

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