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Piacenza Calcio, results of the weekend for the youth sector

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Piacenza Calcio, results of the weekend for the youth sector

The red and white weekend opened with the first league defeat for Primavera 4 which Pergolettese overcame 0-2 at “Cementirossi” in Ponte dell’Olio. Tritter’s boys missed many chances, and it was the first and second yellow-and-blue player between the end of the first and the beginning of the second that inevitably guided the match. A rest period for the U-17, U-15 and U-15 teams, while in the sports center “Pisorica”, the match was played between the white and red U-17 women’s team of Mister Impresbyl and the Sassuolo girls, with the Nirverde team. This is better than him. Finally, Mr. Chierici drew 0-0 with the U-14s against the same age as Modena, while the U-13s surrendered against Bologna.

Spring 4


Piacenza: Galletti, Claralio (85′ Paya), Ruiz, Filoni, Borsatti, Ihabdon, Rosso, Bovini (85′ Riva), Grossi (60′ Tora), Zileuti (60′ Fedele), Compaore (60 minutes). everybody. Tritter.

Pergolites: Cattaneo, Medsah, Delaggiovana, Ripoli, Malanga, Schiavini, Capozzi (68′ Noosa), Girelli (75′ Beiruti), Giamperton (75′ Kara), Bresciani (88′ Fugazzola), Federico (88′ Patrino). everybody. shovel.

Signs: 43′ Giamperton. 52 & # 39; bricani

under 17 years old

Piacenza Calcio – Sassuolo 0-6

Piacenza: Bellani, Pozzetti, Tanzi, Bottini, Bozzoni, Bossi, Valavante, Riva, Indelicato, Chiesa, Zeni, Orsi Angelouzi, Younes, Garbaza S. Garbaza E, Rankate, Bartoletti, Napolitano. everybody. Priceless

under 14

Modena – Piacenza Football 0-0

Piacenza: Tecci, Spelta (Simone), Muzio, Vitale (Martorelli), Cavalli (Prati), Terzi, Pizzi (Papamarenghi), Demartini (Guglielmo), Di Tanto (Pogliese), Desiderato, Herzoah (Huota). clergy flocks

Under 13 Bologna – Piacenza Football 4-0 (FIGC result)

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Piacenza: Patini, Ghisoni, Dellagiovanna, Granata, Guzzaloni, Polenghi, Ragno, Guglielmo, Chierici, Di Giacomo, Caramatti, Rusca, Piacentini, Chiodaroli. everybody. mountains

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