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Pescara ponders Canada’s future and the transfer market

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Pescara flies to Canada in 2023. President Sebastiani gave the following summer tour in Canada with his Academy team. From July 12 to July 22, the youth players will be at Ridley College near Niagara Falls for a camp and international friendly. The first group will then embark on the first phase of their pre-season retreat, with friendlies in Toronto and Ottawa from 12 to 24 July. The initiative was presented this morning in the Giunta Hall of the Municipality of Pescara. “We carry the name of Pescara and Pescara with many people who follow us and love us from Abruzzo all over the world – Sebastiani said together with the president of the Academy Marco Arcis -. We bring children here from abroad, ours go out. Our work will not end on Sunday 90. From the work that our academy started The idea is coming in. We have already signed some youngsters from Canada, which have great prospects from 2006 onwards.

Sebastiani spoke about the team’s momentum in the championship: “We are having a positive championship, we should not throw away what we have done. We need to improve, of course there will be something to review because I don’t like it. The last few games have changed the attitude: until a few weeks ago this team was only interested in attacking. , today they are concerned with conservation. And this is behavior that is not in our comfort zone. We have to review something” .

Hence, the identity problem for Delfino President: “Pescara must think about itself and not the opponent. In the last few games we have seen a little more of our opponents and less of ourselves. Like Monopoly. Are you worried? No, we started again with a new plan. Lots of new kids, need time. Have a rough time and hope to get well soon. The trainer needs to correct something. Criticism of Columbus? No, a critique of all of our work. We are used to something else and now we see more of our enemies. But I repeat: no one would have expected such a path until today. It takes time to find the combination. We won quickly, but we still need to work on it.

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Market maneuvers for January

Last Sunday’s defeat opens a new reflection in the transfer market: do you need a midfielder and two forwards, are these the targets in the eyes of director Delhi Carey? “We are not interested in rumors about our market moves. We know what we have to do and where to intervene. Delli Carri is working. One player has already arrived, others will arrive, there will be exits as someone finds a small space. We will make important corrections to help us improve. . We know that the January transfer market is only a repair: you take people who can help you improve in quality or you are wasting time.”

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