Home sport Fiesole-Affrico, The Smile Derby “No Violence, Football Unites” – Chronicle

Fiesole-Affrico, The Smile Derby “No Violence, Football Unites” – Chronicle

Fiesole-Affrico, The Smile Derby “No Violence, Football Unites” – Chronicle

Yes, football, but violence and non-sports. Fiesole-Affrico, which took place last Sunday at the Estadio Poggioloni delle Caldine, was played in a magical choreography with about a thousand spectators in the stands and in the spaces around the field and many children from the football schools and youth sectors of the two. current clubs. Nice sports page The challenge ended in a 1-1 draw, but the real winners are the fairness and participation shown by the players and the public. It should be noted that the two companies are equal in points at the top of the Group D classification of the First Class Championship and are vying for promotion to the higher class.

“We wanted to convey – confirms the General Manager of Fiesole, Jacopo Silei – a strong signal of the collectivist, educational and social values ​​that are part of youth and amateur activity. In the field of competition with high technical and competitive contents, with Fiesole fans in green jerseys and opponents holding Biancocelesti banners to support and encourage their teams that I did everything in my power to beat them. Players.. this day sometimes makes us forget the bad moments that happened in the sports stadiums.”

Words of praise from AFRICO: “It was great to enter the stadium – confirms the secretary and coach, Leonardo Papini – with the Fiesole players holding hands with the children of the football school in AFRICO and vice versa, with souvenir photos in the midfield. The boys attended the match with their parents and enjoyed playing on the Smaller artificial turf. Choirs and cheerleaders on the runway, but they always respect the rules and target their team. Excellent del Fiesole organization and maximum cooperation on our part to bring this great football event to life. Initiatives like this are repeated all too often in smaller pitches.”

Francesco Quersti


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