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Pauliano in Ram’s book presented in Canada

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On May 19, the Gallery D Ugam In Canada, RAM – RadioArtomobile book presentation site, established for contemporary art dedicated to sound research and exhibition activities, established Dora Steffelmeier and Mario Pieroni, Bound “Jerindia Association for Contemporary Art OdV”. The book also mentions the “La Via dei Canti” project, which was created in Bosco di Paliano in August 2020.

Mayor Dominico Alfie: Thanks to Dora Steffelmeyer and Mario Pieroni, Palino has been chosen many times as the perfect location for their projects and has now added our city and tree to this international expansion mission. It’s an honor to have the book as a platform for top cultural initiatives. “

With this book – Councilor announced Simon MarusiThe name of the city of Paliano, as far as Canada, will reach overseas, along with many other projects and exhibitions created by RAM that combine visual and sound arts. We were partners in various initiatives proposed by the Zerynthia Association, such as “Insieme”, “Insieme in silence” and “La Via dei Canti: Uccelli / Birds”, which provided our community with new and extraordinary interpretations of reality. Contemporary Art “.

“The installations of RAM and Zerynthia have always allowed us to propose a new cultural platform, closely connected with the region, but at the same time, open to the international dimension. My congratulations for presenting the book and thank you for including Balliano in the work. This is the concept of Valentina AdudoriCultural Councilor.

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