October 4, 2023

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Paris stops march of no-bosses and destroys Canadian truck drivers – Chronicle

Paris stops march of no-bosses and destroys Canadian truck drivers – Chronicle

Through Giovanni Serafini they sought to block the capital with thousands of vehicles from all over France, capturing the Champs-Elysées and Arc de Triomphe, marching under the windows of Matignon and Elysée, and then heading to Brussels: but the stage was a French-style “half-gauntlet of freedom” Turned out to be a failure. There is no “Black Saturday” in the capital. Against the “health dictatorship”, against the rise in petrol and diesel prices, against the rising cost of living, and in general against the policy of Emmanuel Macron, they blocked the wall with armored vehicles, tear gas and 7,200 policemen. “Be serious”: not like in 2018, when they were sluggish before the onslaught of yellow underwear that hit the city. Incidents have happened, but not of importance. Disputes at the exit of the peripheral (circular road) quickly fade away. Fifty militants were arrested, including Jerome Rodriguez, the leader of the yellow-clad leader who lost an eye during four years of protests. “” Several hundred fines for unauthorized demonstration. “Without integrated leaders and guidance, the French-born movement, modeled on the Canadian” Freedom Conway “, has failed to gain the support of citizens. There is as much unrest and anger here as in Ottawa. Canadian police yesterday lifted the barricades of truck drivers who had been blocking traffic for five days. Were set to assemble.In the evening, they were found waiting for them.

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