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Parents die – children are now orphans

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The corona virus is destroying a large family in the US state of Virginia. Parents refuse to be vaccinated. Four children are now orphans.

Summarize the essentials

  • Five children from the United States lose both parents.
  • Four of them (nine to 15 years old) are now orphans.
  • Dad Kevin and Uncle Mistim didn’t want to provoke against Corona.

Family play in the US state of Virginia. Kevin (48) and Misty Mitchem (46) died inside Just two weeks And corona virus.

Both are left with five children, only one of whom is an adult. Four of the youngest, aged nine to 15, become orphans from one day to the next.

Both parents refused Vaccine Against the corona virus. Relatives of the family repeatedly tried to persuade Kevin and Misty – but failed.

Kevin Dad explains to DanNBC Washington: «He trusted him Vaccine No need, because he is 48 years old and has no previous illnesses. Misty had diabetes – but she still didn’t want to. “

“I want to be vaccinated against the corona virus”

So the tragedy takes its course: first, the 46-year-old is the victim. In late September, he was admitted to the hospital due to shortness of breath. After a while, Kevin began to experience symptoms as well.

Have you already been vaccinated against the corona virus?

Kevin calls his dad and says his wife is bad. “He said Misty needed artificial respiration, and it’s bad,” Dan said. Once you stop, Kevin should be with him Father Report about the next bad news. He was also admitted to the hospital.

Misty dies the next day. Husband Kevin learns about this in the intensive care unit, where he needs to be connected to a respirator. It ends – Kevin calls him Mom His last words at: “Mom, I love you, I want to be vaccinated.”

The mourners ask on the “GoFundMe” page Donation. All four children were temporarily placed with their aunt in South Carolina.

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