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Paolini, Meneghello and today: the actor on TV with Pievani talking about science

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I felt a kind of general exhaustion around the new year. I felt tired of being closedAway from the relationships that usually surround us. I felt less like congratulating each other More silence. This is a showcase of a moment when each of us is partially confined. In this strange start to the year, Marco Paolini has had two dates connected in some way and is trying to provide some answers to the malaise that he himself has realized. Thursday Paolini will be at A Mountain of Books in Cortina to honor Luigi Minghello On the centenary of his birth (6 pm Alexandre Girardi Hall) and on Saturday will be broadcast on Rai 3 at 9.45pm, the first of three episodes (all in January for three consecutive Saturdays) of La Fabbrica del Mondo Produced by Jolefilm with Paolini along with evolutionary philosopher Telmo Pievani. Three episodes that explore the world of science starting with seventeen goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Paolini, should we trust science?
We posed the question to scholars, to a historian of science like Naomi Oreskes, because her international authority over the history of science in the twentieth century and at the turn of the twenty-first century is indisputable. She, who deals with the US tobacco industry and the oil industry, tells us we have to trust the science because, even if it’s not entirely impartial, the people who are a part of it are under the same kind of pressures as other systems, on the whole a system that tends to remove barriers The truth is slowly, perhaps not always as fast as necessary, because it is based on experience. The claims of scientists are verified and accepted by a large community of competent people.

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Radio dedicated to science at a time when science is under various pressures.
The case of the pandemic is an example of one in which too many voices of scientists spoke at the same time as too many voices. When this discussion is transmitted through the network and newspapers to all the public who do not have tools and must take a leap of faith, parties are generated from people who become attached to an idea and have no way of doubt and evidence.

The program will talk about environmental impact, the energy transition, environmental disasters, and the relationship with nature. A topic that connects us with Meneghello and Libera nos a Malo.
Meneghello tells of a small ancient world in which it is easy to see yourself in the mirror. It is even reflected in the gun. La Malo di Meneghello ‘a little homeland’ in which I know from experience that readers from every region of Italy have recognized their history, their roots and their ways of doing things. very current? s. Because instead of throwing everything into the dimension of memory and the past, we think that the subject that can deal with the future is not the individual, the self, not the state, the ‘public’ because it is so far away from us, but society, that brings us closer to society as Meneghello told us. I’m thinking about managing the commons, environmental transformation, and networking which is definitely effective but can’t fight loneliness. It has been shown that societies that are too large do not motivate, nor fight against loneliness, because the more conscious we are, the less we are able to act because we feel small and incompetent. The world of Meneghello is a world in which there is a center and out of this center there is an ancient country world. There is no doubt that the center is a world of development of the most exciting new ideas, but we have taken this idea to the ninth degree and my generation is chiefly responsible for the destruction of the rural world.

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At Una Montagna di Libri in Cortina I will talk about Meneghello, what do you remember about the meeting you had with Mazzacurati for the Portraits?
I remember that he liked to read his pages, often interrupted the conversation, looking for a book, because he wrote that thing and remembers where it is. He was so fast and why would he read the thing? For to him the passol was important, he thought of these words, and came back to us in some kind of living book. I, on the contrary, very much like trying to reconstruct things every time with words on stage, I am not 100% faithful to the text, I try to act as a substitute. I’m the boy, he was a painter.

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