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Panetton wins for all tastes, from Canada to Qatar

Dedicated to the 2021 Christmas season, Siegwatch Observatory draws attention to Panetton: the undeniable king of Italian desks is increasingly sought after by the international community. For twenty years, the Italian Exhibition Group’s Cicep – Dolce World Expo’s Exposition Laboratory (at the exhibition in Rimini from January 22 to 26), has been collecting trends of a product, actually crafted by Benetton, in Italy. It will cover 52% of the Christmas sweet market worth 10 109 million by 2020.

“Panetton has migrated from the local Lombard culture to all parts of Italy, spreading the quality of our craftsmanship. Grapes and candied fruits adorn the Milan Panetton, and the aroma of each piece is unique and recognizable worldwide,” says Master Pastorsef. According to former pastry world champion Luigi Piazzetto, “panetone or caramel and giandia with pistachio flour are the primary products of this Christmas: a sign that sugar is comforting at such relatively uncertain times and that there is a need for comfort and sharing if it reaches 150 percent last year.”

Salvador de Rizzo, President of the Italian Academy of Pastry Masters, produces 16 varieties of Panetto: “We ship them everywhere from China and Canada. We tasted Dani’s emerald. “The world fell in love with Panettone – explains Roberto Borotti, Master Baker from Brescia, President of Richmond Club Italy and President of Richmond International since this year – because it is rich and with a complex process that starts with the mother. Yeast. The four-way version is chocolate, dark, milk, white, the dough is visually lost but the aroma and ruby, will be amazing this Christmas. Powered by online sales channels “.

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Claudio Katie, head of the Academy Masters at Thai East and Panetton, tells Czechoslovakia: “Compared to previous years, there has been a strong increase in demand for this dessert in Europe, especially in France and Switzerland, but also from abroad: in Asian markets: China, Hong Kong, Singapore. The tendency is to buy quality from small Italian artisans. ”For Eugenio Moron, the world champion ice cream parlor at Sigep 2020, it’s time for plenty of ingredients:” I recommend pistachio ice cream or a mixture of Venezuela and Malagasy chocolate with rum to fill the panetto, or ‘false’ jacobala with jacquard ‘ “.

In the laboratory of pastry chef Rimini Roberto Rinaldini of the Italian Academy of Pastry Chefs, the idea for ‘Literary’ Christmas: ‘To celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of the Supreme, we created the Panetto, a poetic, pistachio, wild strawberry made with wild strawberry cream. Covered with glaze and pistachio grains “. The first pastry queen in history, Sonia Balachi, offers delicious but healthy desserts: “This year Panetton was made with a mixture of whole flour and citrus fruits. You can customize a variety of ice cream fillings and desserts with it.

Crafts pastry and ice cream, integrated sectors under the same Ateco brand, will have 17,514 businesses in operation with 65,000 employees by 2020; One-fifth (20.2%) of the 86,000 food craft businesses and 1.3% of the national handicrafts sector. Pure ice cream parlors, compiled for serving points, on the other hand, are active with sales of 39 thousand points worth over 4 4 billion in 2019.

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