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Palermo Calcio, Petilla introduces himself: “Corini has clear ideas and the group is alive”

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“I was on vacation and my phone exploded with a call from Rinaudo. I was very moved: Palermo is a large and ambitious arena. I immediately accepted the negotiation, and immediately agreed to agree to come here.”

These are the words of the defender Palermo, David Petilla, Interview at a press conference in Renzo Barbera. “I met great people who welcomed me and made me feel at home. With the right accommodations we can get great satisfaction. The coach’s thoughts are clear.”

Betella returns to beats Another rosary. “A match where we were nine new players and a bit lacking in the compactness that we will find in training after training. We had the wrong attitude, including me because I was sent off.”

I tested everything in the second division. Teams are made by the group: If you know you have teammates who give everything by your side, you can achieve memorable goals. The group is strong, lively and cheerful. Even in difficulties, he comes out with his head held high. We have to listen to the coach and the results will come, if we think about our garden we are not going anywhere. This is the secret.”

Palermo, steals a computer in the bar “LA MARTORANA”: the owner puts the photo on Facebook

Mafia, Blitz vs. Matteo Messina Denaro’s loyalty: 70 arrested, 35 arrested

Palermo, Cineci opens the election campaign: “I do not yell nor yell, but I am determined”

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