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Overflowing Camila Valiva Skate Canada Wins 2021 With New World Record – OA Sport

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Second match in senior field, The second world record was shattered within a month. He was not joking Camila Valiva, A force of conquered nature Skate Canada ranks first in 2021, Stage Number Two of the ISU Grand Prix Figure Skating Circuit, staged at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Center, thrilled the audience on the stage.

Following on the Russian footsteps, Eteri Tutberidze’s team pays homage to last season’s interpretation of the program.Bolero”By Ravel, realized and did a clean sweep For the first time in female history Has a layout Triplo print, The only drawback of performance is that it is done step by step, And three four-fold jumps, One salco and two toe loops, combined with triple toe loop and euler / triple salco, respectively Be sure to rotate both hands over the head.

By giving spinning lessons, Fully assigned to level 4 with star GOE, And skating (They are clearly his best Elements Lot), landing The other three are three different (Ritberger, Lutz, flip the chain with the triple to loop) Kazan Champion Recorded two new world recordsEasy to get 180.89 (106.15, 74.74) in the e category Total 265.08. And this is only the end of October.

The majesty of Waliwa’s experiment is also seen Points difference compared to enemies. A Perfetta Elizavetta Tuktamisheva, Now in the total state of grace, it is indeed in second place a 33 points away The first was classified as having a performance dedicated to the marked attack By two or three axes, One with a double toe loop, ed Five more times, In which the Triple Luts / Double Axel line stands alone, with him gaining 151.64 (80.33, 71.31) for 232.88. He then thought about signing a hat-trick for Russia Elena Costornia It’s a very complex triple axle net, known as under-rotated, like the triple loot, thanks to the advantage in the short film. Retain third place with 218.54 to 138.96 (71.07, 67.89).

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Among the heroes of the day Not to mention the Japanese Mai Mihara, Fourth after 210.01 to 142.12 (76.83, 65.29) free anesthesia. Do not Instead, teammate Waqaba Higuchi is involved, A skilled skater (with a good triple axis for him today) with volatility, sixth 135.86 (68.15, 67.71) 205.27 behind Alyssa Liu, fifth 132.90 (66.51, 67.39) 206.53.53.

The next phase of the ISU Grand Prix circuit Held in ItalyNovember 4 to 7 at Palavela in Turin.

Female individual final ranking

Photo: LaPresse

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