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Over 250 people in the Santa Maria del Giudice Festival space with Francesco Raspini

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Many people at the Santa Maria del Giudice Festival to take the initiative in support of Francesco Raspini, candidate for mayor in the municipal elections of June 12, 2022. Beautiful moment of participation and participation to give office in last month’s intense and exciting election campaign.

Among them were many representatives of institutions such as the President of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Gianni, the President of the Regional Council, Antonio Mazzio, the Member of the Regional Council, Stefano Bachele, the Regional Councilors, Valentina Mercanti and Mario Popa, Mayor of Lucca. , Alessandro Tamblini. A moment dedicated to the constituent political forces of the coalition, to the candidates, to the local representatives, to the sympathizers, to the center-left political community and to the expanded community of sympathizers and citizens committed to the election of Raspini as mayor of Lucca.

An event confirming Raspini’s desire to conduct his own campaign among the people, in the territory, starting with the surrounding areas, such as Santa Maria del Giudice, on the border with the province of Pisa.

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