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Oppenheimer: To see it at its best, Christopher Nolan suggests IMAX theaters at 70mm | Cinema

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It wasted a few days from its first appearance Oppenheimer In cinemas all over the world, even if, in Italy, we have to wait until August 23 to enjoy the new efforts of Christopher Nolan.

The English director has always been a strong proponent of the cinema experience in theatres. His position which, of course, is not opposed in an absolute sense to broadcast or home video use, but reflects what is the main goal of cinema: to create stories that must be seen first and experienced on the big screen and that with this criterion.

During a press promotion for OppenheimerAnd Christopher Nolan He explained the ways in which he prefers to show his feature film.

According to the filmmaker, the best experience is guaranteed by theaters equipped with an IMAX 70mm projector, mainly IMAX on film, a very rare format, considering that only 25 locations in the US are equipped for it (in Italy we had an IMAX hall Oltremare Park in Riccione, closed for some time). When watching a movie in this format explains the mastermind behind Oppenheimer “The screen disappears and you get a 3D feeling without the glasses. You have a huge screen that completely fills the audience’s peripheral vision.”.

As an alternative, Nolan suggests the 70mm Standard (available at about 77 facilities in the US). “The two formats are completely different, but I love them both” says the director.

Oppenheimerlike Dunkirk and Tenet, was filmed by Christopher Nolan With a mixture of IMAX 65mm and Panavision 65mm film which is then played at 70mm (in theaters that can do this).

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Oppenheimer It will be released on August 23 in cinemas. Find all the information in our paper.

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Source: Associated Press

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