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Only Vepitino wins. Asiago, Renon, Girdina and Vasa exit – OA Sport

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It’s a poor Thursday when the Italian colors just raised it In the 2021-2022 Alpine Ice Hockey League. Five teams of Bill Basey on the field: one win, four defeats. Let’s go see how it goes.

Vipitino is elated, capable of a 4-2 win over future team EC-KAC. Bolzanini after stalking for the first two termsIn Round Three, they managed to change gears and hit the mark Chiudou and Hasler (a duo for the latter), in a tough match that finally smiled at the hosts.

Asiago and Renon: Two teams united through the sale, at home in overtime. The gun actually lost 1-2 against EHC Lustenau, victorious thanks to the Giftopoulos goal, after a back and forth on the Haberl axis keeping it (0-1, 1-1) out of the regulations, While South Tyrol was defeated 3-4 by the Austrians of Red Bull Hockey Juniors, who celebrated thanks to the decisive brand Heigl.

Finally, Vasa and Girdina. The former was defeated 3-0 (double stanley, interspersed with bernsteel) From BEMER VEU Feldkirch, while the latter, Despite performing well on Austrian ice, They had to make way for the silver Vienna Capitals, and they were crucial to a 3-2 victory.

In the 2021-2022 Alpine League is strongly conditioned by the health situation, We will be back on track on Saturday 22nd, with all the Italian teams on the field, including Cortina and Merano.

Photo: Carola Cimino.

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