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One Army – Movie (2020)

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One army plot

one armyDirected by Stephen Durham, the film is a thriller set in Alabama. Brenner (Elaine Holman) and the Special Forces officer and her husband Dillon (Matt Passmore) He went for a walk in the woods to get away from work. During explorations they sneak into a cabin and accidentally discover an illegal stash of weapons and drugs. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the two try to escape. Their attempt fails because the traffickers see them, pursue them, and manage to catch them. The criminals are not satisfied with a simple capture but after torturing the couple, they kill Dillon and believe they also killed Brenner who instead survived the violence that occurred. After hiding the bodies, Brenner manages to free himself and escape with the sole purpose of taking revenge on her husband. Fury and pain combined with her military preparation will give her the strength and determination of an entire army, which will help her in pursuit of the enemy.

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Scandals around one army

The fight scene involving the protagonist was prepared within an hour and only shot once.

In the movie we also find the actor Stephen Dunleavy Play a mercenary and real life husband Elaine Holman.

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