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On March 30th in Mazara • Front page

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Spazio Donna will shine the spotlight on women’s leadership on Thursday 30 March, at 4.30pm, in Mazara at the Teatro Garibaldi.

The organization aims – says President Rosanna Teton – to focus on the importance of self-awareness, because everything starts with culture.

We need to shift our gaze within this periphery if we want to stop thinking about the world only in terms of men, and even worse if it is divided into women on one side and men on the other.

It is necessary to get used to the dialogue in a reality in which women create, direct and invent it, to rethink the female narrative in proactive terms, and to give vision and value to women.

In a space made up of men and women, each with its own leadership, different but overlapping, in a mixture of knowledge and characteristics which form a new patchwork.

Women tend to build work processes that move from collaboration to democratic decisions, through interactions that are fluid and multi-directional, rather than unidirectional and rigid.

It cannot be denied that women tend to have ways and behaviors that put relationships, care, and acceptance of the other at the center. It is not domination – the president concludes – it is a process of cooperation and productivity.

Three key words: space, merit and care.

The appointment of March 30, in addition to the greetings of the Mayor of the City, Salvatore Quincy, sees among the speakers the Chancellor Ariana D’Alfio, Linda Licari, member of the Diem Secretariat, Giacomo Danipali, member of the Fourth Provincial Secretariat, Marico Hobbs, MPA County Coordinator, Antonio Ferrante, President of the PD Regional Assembly.

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President Rosanna Teton will close the business.

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