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Now the sequel to the iconic teen drama

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A reboot of the cult series that chronicles the “scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” is now available: But forget the inquisitive blogger, Gossip Girl now has social networks and is more vengeful than ever.

Fourteen years ago, Serena van der Woodsen got off a train in Grand Central, New York on unmistakable notes from little people by Peter Bjorn and John and introduces viewers to a brilliant and scandalous world gossip Girl, which aired from 2007 to 2012 and quickly became one of the popular teen series of the past two decades. Today, the teen drama is back with a sequel available to stream currently From October 27 inside swipe entertainment (Can be activated by new customers at a special price of €3 for the first month with Cinema Pass) Along with all six seasons of the original series. The new series takes us back to the Upper East Side and through the corridors of the exclusive Constance Bellard St. Jude School, but now things are very different: new gossip girl He has Instagram and has targeted a new generation of brilliant students who are more ingenious, fluid and tech-savvy than ever before.

Guarda Gossip Girl Sue now

Forget Dan Humphrey: The New Gossip Girl Plot

Let’s face it right away: Gossip Girl is no longer a blogger nor has she been hiding behind that shy (but actually unscrupulous) guy Dan Humphrey (Ben Badgley), as revealed to us in the finale of the original series. Although there is an unmistakable sound Kristen Bell (in Italian by Valentina Marie), the mysterious narrator of this sequel is no longer a mystery. Surprisingly, she is not a student, but a group of professors led by Kate Keeler (Tavi Jeffinson) – who hides behind an Instagram account and intends to give a lesson to spoiled and wealthy students from the most “in” schools in Manhattan by posting incredible finds. Julian Calloway was one of his first victims.Jordan Alexander), a young influencer who reconnects with her half-sister Zoya (Whitney Beck). But when Gossip Girl reveals an important secret to the whole school, things will never be the same again. Finally, The focus of this sequel is not revealing the identity of Gossip Girl and the “scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” but the facts behind the myriad lies. Young champions post it: to excel, gain consensus on social media and become more interesting.

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Guarda Gossip Girl Sue now

New actors and characters

Serial Viewer Joshua Safran She explained that Gossip Girl 2.0 deals with more conscientious men. They are part of this generation – the so-called Generation Z Growing up with a smartphone in hand, it’s more comprehensive and streamlined but also more attentive to appearances. In addition to Zoya and Julian, who embody the influential par excellence, we find the latter’s lieutenants, the cunning and manipulative Monet (Savannah Smithand the moonZion Moreno), who deals with managing Julian’s image on social media and in real life. Then there’s Julian Olby’s friend (Eli Brown) a boy is as rich as he is smart; the above (Thomas Doherty), handsome and cursed who often gets into trouble because of his addictions to pills and sex; and Audrey (Emily Allen LindShe is having a hard time with her boyfriend, Aki.Evan Mok). They complete the cast like almondsAnd Adam Chanler BeratAnd Jonathan Fernandez NS Jason Gutay.


again, then, New York City will be the hero. But fourteen years later, the American capital has changed, too: The Upper East Side, in particular, is no longer that elusive golden realm to which everyone aspires. “In the original series, Dan was the poorest boy and lived in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Now the richest character lives in Dumbo. I wanted to think about what New York is like today. People live everywhere.” No 20-year-old wants to live on the Upper East SideSafran A . said TVLine.

Watch out for quotes: surprises for Gossip Girl fans

Restart gossip Girl Yes, it has new heroes and new stories but nevertheless it loses its links with the past. On the other hand, the creators of the original series can also be counted on Josh Schwartz NS Stephanie Savage, as executive producers, and located in the same narrative universe. Attentive fans will then be able to discover hidden references to the 2007 teen drama’s protagonists. Quotes, short appearances and tributes Which will be more and more episode after episode, as the showrunner promised. It’s also why, in the US, the new series has grabbed the attention of old fans by being the best appearance of the year on HBO Max who has already renewed it for a second season. The positive thing, for Italian fans, is that they won’t have to wait between the first part of the first season (it arrived in the US since last July) and the second (expected in the motherland in November), given that Sky and NOW will suggest the first uninterrupted course.

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