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“Now I’m going to play hockey”

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Four days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, French President Macron tried to appease Kremlin chief Putin by phone, who quickly distracted him from playing ice hockey.

Emmanuel Macron –

A documentary just released, It shows the conversation between French President Macron and his Russian ego Putin, when the Russian President ‘swallows’ his colleague with Sorry he has better things to do. Four months ago, Russia launched an illegal invasion of Ukraine. The attack shocked the worldbut it was already up in the air the previous days.

Macron calls to avoid war, but Putin is busy…

The Elysee is now published Transcript of a phone call between French President Emmanuel Macron and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The phone call took place four days Before the Russian attack, It shows how hopeless appeasement already seemed until then. Thank you, Emmanuel,” says Putin, According to the text, “It is always my pleasure I am talking to you Because we have a trusting relationship.”

So The head of the Kremlin praised Macron and Chancellor Olaf Schultz’s efforts to implement the Minsk Agreement, have He started spreading his opinion On Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “Our dear colleague Zelensky does nothing. He lies.”

Phone call It’s part of a documentary clip About Macron and the war in Ukraine. The full video will be released on June 30 by France France 2. “It’s one of the topics pThe hardest job ever “In My Life,” said documentary director Guy Lagache. French magazine 20 min.

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in conversation, Putin refers to Zelensky’s alleged demands of nuclear bombs and Macron’s demands for a revision of the Minsk Agreement. Macron angrily refuses Both statements.

‘Useless’ phone call

Putin shrugs off the backlash and praises the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. Macron is now indignant: “NoI don’t know where your lawyer studied! (…) I do not know who is the lawyer who would go so far as to say that the legal texts are correct It was coined by separatists into a sovereign state.

put it in
Putin –

and then, According to history, Macron Once again he tries to de-escalate: if we want to give dialogue a chance, then dWe must calm the waters“I want to play ice hockey now,” Putin answers.

at the time of the call, Russia and Belarus are already conducting joint military exercises in border with Ukraine. The invasion followed shortly thereafter. When Macron asked about these services, Putin strongly denies. They were “most likely” finished in the evening.

“I want to play ice hockey now”, “To be honest, I’m already talking to you from the gymnasium,” Putin explains shortly after. After the phone call, Macron told the documentary filmmaker Lagache: “We couldn’t convince him And they walked to Ukraine.” He hoped to find a way to get closer Putin through an intellectual discussion. We didn’t get it.

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